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Predictive Health

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Do you know if you have family or genetic risk for disease? Do you want to reach optimal health to live your best life? Colorado Mountain Medical’s Predictive Health program helps individuals predict their risks for disease, personalize a health program and prevail.

Dennis Lipton, MD, a board-certified internist, is passionate about optimal health and longevity and has training in lipidology, plant-based nutrition, functional medicine and age management. Through a five-part analysis, Dr. Lipton can help you to determine the probability of disease in order to personalize a health plan that will help you reach your personal performance goals.

Predictive medicine uses five factors to determine the probability of disease in order to personalize health plans that help patients reach their personal performance goals. Those are: 
FAMILY HISTORY: A survey of your family history can help predict your genetic risks for chronic disease.

PERSONAL HEALTH: A thorough review of your personal health history and current medical status will be indicators of future health risks.

GENOMICS:  A study of your genes and ancestry can help predict disease susceptibility, aid in decisions about diet and lifestyle and help determine medication effectiveness to guide pharmacologic therapy.

BIOMETRICS:  Lab values, imaging test results and body composition analysis help us determine a baseline and measure progress on your journey to optimal health.

LIFESTYLE & NUTRITION:  An analysis of your current lifestyle and dietary habits is the most powerful tool available to impact your future health.

This is the only program of its kind in Eagle County, and provides an incredible opportunity to work one-on-one with a knowledgeable and compassionate physician to design a realistic and sustainable path to optimal health, vitality and longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Predictive Health program includes:
  • Initial office visit and follow-up consultation
  • Comprehensive laboratory testing - details listed at bottom of page
  • Comprehensive personal health and medical history evaluation
  • Full physical examination including advanced body composition analysis and EKG
  • Personalized recommendations based on laboratory test results and medical evaluation
  • One-on-one ‘ask me anything’ time with Dr. Lipton 
Cost: $3,500 flat fee
  • Please note that this program will not be submitted to insurance.
  • Fee will be collected at your first in-office appointment.
Getting started in the program:

To enroll call (970) 446-1294 or email us at, include your name and phone number in either message.
  1. The program starts off with a telephone pre-appointment consultation with Dr. Lipton where you will discuss the program in detail as well as your personal health goals.
  2. From there our team will evaluate your medical records to better understand your health history.
  3. Next you’ll come in for your initial 90 minute ‘ask me anything’ time with Dr. Lipton. At this visit, you’ll also have your labs drawn and discuss next steps. 
  4. 2 weeks later you’ll come in for a follow up with Dr. Lipton where you’ll review your lab results and be provided with actionable items that will get you started towards your goals.  A quarterly follow up plan will be established before you walk out the door.
The prime candidates for this program: 
  • This evaluation is for people who are motivated toward optimal health and longevity.  Reducing risk of chronic disease almost always involves changing something in your usual, comfortable lifestyle. We will be able to talk specifics about things like how much and what type of exercise you should be doing, what type of diet may be best for you, what supplements may be worth taking for you, how your current perceived stressors could be adversely impacting your physiology, and how to improve and monitor your progress going forward.   
  • This evaluation is all about preventive health. You may get some benefit if you already have medical problems such as diabetes or heart disease.  The person who will benefit the most already feels generally well with a good quality of life and is looking to preserve this as long as possible. 
You do not need this evaluation if you have uncontrolled known medical problems like severe high blood pressure, diabetes, debilitating pain, severe anxiety/depression, or very significant symptoms of any kind. Your first step is to see your doctor or mental health provider and get appropriate treatment.

The predictive health evaluation is also not for you if you are actively engaged in behaviors or habits such as smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, or other substance abuse.  Your first step to better health is to get the help you need to stop these behaviors.
Additional information regarding laboratory tests included in the plan:
  • Testing for markers of vascular health and inflammation.
  • Advanced lipid testing for a true measure of cardiac risk. 
  • Fatty acid and glucose balance: The fat we eat is incorporated into cell membranes and has important health impacts.  Knowing where you stand will help guide diet and supplement choices on your way to optimal health and healthy aging. 
  • Glucose, insulin, and hormone status: Chronic stress, nutrient deficiency, and improper diet can have an adverse impact on glucose, insulin, and other hormones.
  • Nutrient status: USDA estimates that less than 10% of people eat the recommended minimal amount of fruits, vegetables, and fiber, causing subtle nutrient deficiencies with health consequences.  We will test your levels of some important nutrients.

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