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CMM partners with Vail Health to donate an Evackart to Vail Mountain

sally welsh

VAIL, CO (August 13, 2020) - Vail Health and Colorado Mountain Medical (CMM) recently partnered for the donation of a new EvacKart for Vail Mountain Ski Patrol. The EvacKart is a new product on the market and allows for easier and faster transport of an injured person from rough terrain areas. It will be utilized only during the summer and will aid Ski Patrol members in the on-mountain rescue of injured hikers, bikers and sightseers. 

The EvacKart is similar to a toboggan used to transport injured skiers in winter but is angled at an incline and set on wheels for more efficient transport. 

“Vail is dedicated to the safety of its guests and employees, and we are delighted to bring this new technology on board for our team this summer,” said Brice May, director of ski patrol at Vail Mountain. “We thank Vail Health for this generous donation, and for their continued partnership for the health of our community.”

Vail is dedicated to providing its guests with world-class service, and that includes a commitment to safety on the mountain. The local community has always been very supportive of the work of Vail Ski Patrol, including through donations to support their passion for mountain safety, supporting the avalanche rescue dog program and providing supplemental medical equipment, such as this EvacKart. 

“The mountain ski patrols have always had a strong working relationship with Vail Health, and as the community’s healthcare provider, we want to do everything we can to help keep guests safe and healthy,” said Dr. Brooks Bock, CEO of CMM. “Helping injured hikers and bikers reach care faster and more efficiently in the summer is a benefit to our entire community and something we are proud to aid.” 

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