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Monoclonal Antibody Treatments

Due to nation-wide supply shortages, monoclonal antibody treatment appointments are extremely limited. Please work with your primary care provider or walk in at a CMM Urgent Care to request an appointment. Patients should receive a phone call to schedule within 24-48 business hours after an order is received from their primary care provider or Urgent Care provider.

Vail Health offers monoclonal antibody treatments to individuals who qualify after testing positive for COVID-19. To see if you’re a good candidate please speak with your primary care provider or visit your local Urgent Care Provider.  You must have a prescription from your provider to get the treatment. Since the treatment is provided through the federal government, our supply varies and is sometimes limited or unavailable.
What is a monoclonal antibody treatment?  
It’s a boost to the immune system after you are already sick. It speeds up your body’s response to the virus. For individuals who are currently sick, it has shown to improve symptoms.  It does not prevent you from getting COVID-19 nor does it offer the same protection as the vaccines do.

How does it compare to the vaccine?
While monoclonal antibody treatments are a good option for certain individuals who are currently sick with COVID-19, it’s not a preventative measure like the COVID-19 vaccine is. The treatment suitable for those over the age of 12, and who are at high risk for a complication (i.e. patients who are obese, pregnant, have chronic renal disease and/or diabetes). 
How much does the treatment cost?
Treatment with the COVID-19 monoclonal antibodies is done through a one-time intravenous (IV) infusion.  We do not charge for the drug itself. However, there will be an infusion fee to cover our cost for administering the drug. 

The treatment will be run through your insurance, if insured. The covered amount is based on your insurance carrier and we recommend you reach out to your insurance company for specifics. If you do not have insurance, Vail Health offers certain self pay discounts. Contact Patient Financial Services at (833) 270-4530 for more info.
How do I get a prescription?
Work with your primary care provider, or be seen at one of our Urgent Care locations. Our providers will be able to determine if you qualify for a prescription and will assist you from there.