Janet Engle


Specialties Pediatrics
Languages English
Scheduling (970) 926-6340
Questions for Provider (970) 845-2966


Education: Undergraduate: Otterbain College, OH; Ohio State University College of Medicine
Residency: Columbus Children’s Hospital, OH
Board Certification: American Board of Pediatrics

Dr. Engle is the mother of three children; has three dogs and two horses; and is the wife of Pat. The family loves hiking and snowshoeing.

Dr. Engle’s expertise and training focus on pediatric nutrition, development and asthma. To that end, she coaches a healthy diet, family relationships and integrative medicine.

“I believe in empowering parents to help them make good medical choices. There is great importance and benefit in addressing all aspects of body, mind and spirit to maintain good health of the whole person and the whole family.”