Jennifer Bettenhausen


Specialties Family Medicine
Languages English
Scheduling (970) 926-6340
Questions for Provider (970) 845 2964


Education: University of Minnesota Medical School
Residency: Poudre Valley Hospital
Board Certification: American Board of Family Medicine

Dr. Bettenhausen enjoys the full spectrum of Family Medicine, and has some families with three and even four generations of patients in her Eagle practice. As a female provider, with children of her own, she tends to specialize in women’s health and pediatric/adolescent health.

“I enjoy integrating traditional western medicine with a lifestyle approach to both prevention of disease and treatment of problems.”

In her free time, Dr. Bettenhausen is either camping with her family in the Colorado State Parks, mountain biking, hiking, alpine skiing, or snowshoeing. Her two children attend Eagle County Schools, where her husband is a teacher.