Jona Nykreim


Specialties Family Medicine, Pediatrics
Scheduling (970) 926-6340
Questions for Provider (970) 845-2968


Education: Undergraduate: Concordia College, MN; Training: Physician Assistant Program, University of Colorado; Masters in Clinical Health Services, University of Washington School of Medicine

Originally from Medford, Oregon, Jona Nykreim’s first taste of Colorado came while completing an internship in dietetics in Colorado Springs. A keen interest in human physiology and the disease process led her to pursue a career as a physician assistant. Jona enjoys the family medicine/acute care setting at Colorado Mountain Medical as it affords her the opportunity to learn and grow and nurture her special interest in rural health.

Like many locals, Jona moved to the mountains to ski but found her true passion to be river rafting and camping during the summer months. She also enjoys spending time at home with her dog Noodle, and cooking.