COVID-19 Testing

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How and where should I get tested?

You can come in and see a provider at one of the following clinics:
If you need a test without seeing a provider:  

 Do you need a test for travel? 

  • If you're needing a COVID-19 test for travel, it is up to you to research what is required, as each destination requiring testing has different criteria. We provide a letter which states we ran the test in-house in our CLIA certified lab, and that the test was a PCR molecular diagnostic test. If the destination requires results from a specific lab (i.e Walgreens, Quest, CVS, etc.), then you will need to get your test at that specific location. 

What type of tests are offered at CMM and Vail Health?

  • All tests are currently being run in-house. We are no longer sending COVID-19 tests to commercial labs, to ensure quick turn-around times.
  • They are Nasal PCR, molecular diagnostic tests
  • You will receive your results via phone call within 48 hours and you should remain isolated while awaiting results.

 How will I get informed of my results?

  • A clinical representative will be calling you directly. Please wait for their call rather than calling for an update.
  • All positive results are reported to Eagle County Public Health. You will be getting a call from their team if you are positive. It is important that you speak with them. The information you provide will help keep our community thriving and healthy.

I need a copy of my test result; how do I request one?

  • You must sign a release of information (ROI). Please ask for and sign a ROI when you get your test. 
  • When notified of your test results, please request a copy at that time. 

What will this cost?

  • If you're sick or have any symptoms of COVID-19 (Symptomatic Patient) and or need a test per Eagle County Public Health (i.e. you have been quarantined); if you have insurance, your insurance will be billed. Based upon your insurance coverage, there will be no out of pocket fees associated with your COVID-19 test. If you do not have insurance there will be no fee associated with your COVID-19. 

Are there specific recommendations for family members in school?

  • Follow Eagle County Public Health guidance.
  • Testing is recommended 24 hours after onset of symptoms in order to provide the most accurate result.
  • A letter for school will be provided if you see a provider. A letter will not be provided if you present for walk-through testing.

What do I do while I wait for my results? If I am positive? If I am negative?

  • Anyone who is tested must isolate until results are received. Do not go back to school or work.
  • Refer to Eagle County Public Health guidance for isolation and quarantine information.
  • If you have been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 or is under quarantine at the instruction of Eagle County Public Health, a negative COVID-19 test does not eliminate the need for quarantine.